Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Cinder (Part III)


Cinder is headed for Oklahoma from quarantine at A&A Transport, I am beyond excited! I’m to meet Andrew Guidry, the hauler, at Dr. Radde’s vet clinic around 5 p.m.

As fate would have it Andrew got caught in traffic south of Ft. Worth, TX and will bring Cinder here, to Grey Oaks, even better, I get to have her here with me tonight!

She arrived at dark, what a tiny little thing she is, so beat up, so thin, so absolutely loveable. We walked her down to the barn to get her settled in for the night. She loves her alfalfa and ate her pellets. A few small alfalfa cubes and a large flake of hay for the night. She wasn’t overly thirsty so that meant she had been kept well hydrated on her journey.
When everyone left it was just me and Cinder, I told her that she would live the rest of her life here in luxury. The very last thing I did that night was cut off that long mane, at one time it must have been gorgeous, not any more. It smelled ‘kill pen’ there was no amount of washing, brushing, conditioner or combing was ever going to make it beautiful again. I cut it down to 4 inches and threw the rest in the trash. That was her past, she would grow another luxurious mane one day and that would be part of her future. She looks quite snazzy with her punk rocker type mane trim.


Cinder -  branded Mustang Mare - September 19, 2016 at quarantine in Louisiana

Cinder has spent much of her time eating, resting and getting to know the members of our little herdlet. She must have had a buddy at one time because she has fallen in love with our little buckskin mare, Abby. The sentiment is not mutual but Abby puts up with Cinder up to a point and then it’s back off. Abby is very spoiled and is used to being the only mare in the barn and of course a favorite of mine, but it will work out in time. Cinder also likes another Mustang that lives here, a gelding named Sky. He tolerates Cinder pretty well so all is good so far.
I gave her a Betadine bath, brush her daily, add fly spray when necessary and her coat is starting to have a shine. Her weight is the same but she’s not been here long. The most exciting news so far is her trip to the vet. Cinder is only around 15 years old, has a sound heart and lungs, her teeth are bad because of non-existent care in her past. She was given her vaccinations, de-wormed and back home we went. Monday she will get a much needed hoof trim, hopefully her teeth floated and she will be ready to enjoy the rest of her life in comfort. I only wish that was the case for the others of her kind that were left behind.

Cinder – October 4, 2016

October 17, 2016
Cinder had her front feet trimmed, her back feet were fine. She had to be sedated as she is extremely defensive, terrified. That is what neglect and abuse do to a mind and body. With no known past we can only guess why. Was she bullied by other herd members, maybe? Abused by humans is my guess as she was delivered to the kill lot badly beaten up with abrasions, cuts, a swollen eye, and emaciated. Did she fall in a trailer as the kill lot suggested, maybe. Did she come out of the flood at Baton Rouge, not likely, was she neglected, absolutely.

She will wait a month or two to get her teeth floated, what Cinder needs now is a routine of ordinary days filled with food, comfort, companionship, and love. I watch the layers peel away little by little, what an absolute jewel is ready to shine under all the neglect. I am so happy she is here.

October 25, 2016

Cinder is most probably completely blind on her right side, she will spook occasionally and spin in circles as blind horses are prone to, I will make sure she is always has a safe place. The auction tag remnants are gone, even the glue that held it in place has worn off. Cinder is shiny after her brushings, her mane is growing, her cuts and abrasions fading.

She is indeed coming out of the ashes.

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She is so shiny and beautiful. She looks like she has been cared for and put on weight too. I am so sorry for all those poor sweet horses. But so thankful that they now have a good home.

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