Friday, July 29, 2016

Grey Oaks Farm - Summer 2016

Has it been a long time or what?

I'm still here at Grey Oaks Farm with my horses, all 15 of them.

I think a refresher is in order since I'm going to turn this anti-slaughter blog into a journal of my farm and its inhabitants.

Been here in the Red River Valley of Oklahoma since August of 1989. I brought with me at that time, one horse. An aged Appaloosa mare named Teesa, she taught me a lot about horses and is the reason I still have horses today and have hopefully evolved into a good equine caretaker.

Teesa was a trade-in. I had a 1969 Thunderbird with suicide doors that struck the fancy of one of hubby's co-workers, I had always wanted a horse. We both decided it was the best deal ever made because we both thought we got the better end of the deal.

1972 - 2000

Teesa was a red roan Appaloosa mare that was the real deal. She taught me how to think like a horse, how to be patient, kind, forgiving, and honest. She and I spent our days together at the new place, taking out old fencing, picking up discarded pig iron which there was alot of and generally just hanging out together. When she got bored watching me work she would wander down to the south pasture and graze in the sun.

There are many stories I could share about Teesa, and in future posts I may do just that. She was the cornerstone on what I base all horses, she was truly one in a million.

Teesa and I were best friends forever for over 11 years, she succumbed to choke in the fall of 2000 and nothing could be done to save her. I miss her every day.

Beyond the Rainbow
As much as I loved the life we had and all the times we played,
I was so very tired and knew my time on earth would fade.
I saw a wondrous image then of a place that's trouble free
Where all of us can meet again to spend eternity.

I saw the most beautiful Rainbow, and on the other side
Were meadows rich and beautiful -- lush and green and wide!
And running through the meadows as far as the eye could see
Were animals of every sort, as healthy as could be!

My own tired, failing body was fresh and healed and new
And I wanted to go run with them, but I had something left to do.

I needed to reach out to you, to tell you I'm all right
That this place is truly wonderful, then a bright glow pierced the night.

T'was the glow of many candles shining bright and strong and bold
And I knew then that it held your love in its brilliant shades of gold.

For although we may not be together in the way we used to be,
We are still connected by a cord no eye can see.

So whenever you need to find me, we're never far apart,
If you look beyond the Rainbow and listen with your heart.

(c)2016 Linda Sullivan-Simpson
All Rights Reserved

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