Sunday, March 24, 2013

Confessions of an Ex-Kill Buyer

15/03/2013 at 9:50 pm

I hope that this passes and horses are protected. The horse followers of the Duquette and Wallis and McNeil troupe are misguided and have never walked through a slaughterhouse. I have, its the most grossly malicious thing you could EVER witness, a neighbors stolen horse went into the plant and I was told to stay out-but adrenaline never slows you down, I was a killer buyer, I know the fear in the horses eyes, he was gentle, I didnt find out he was stolen from a neighbors house until I was told by a car who followed me two hundred miles, when I got inside the plant I saw him get beaten, prodded, his head bloodly terrified, the guy had already started bolting his head, I saw them detroy this animal, the stories they are all true. Another man killed a day old filly with a baseball bat to her head. Do you really think that this is the way for the horses to die? I was a killer buyer I know what goes on, I quit that day after 10 years of doing it, I realized that this is not the line of work I could be proud of and I want Americans to know-anything goes just get the horses there, dead half dead, fully alive, just get them there, and no one worries about the condition, broken bones, whatever, because they just dont care.

The worst part is that the USDA and other organizations knew the laws and so did we, we know in or through the state of Illinois that it was against the law to transport a sick or injured or dying or diseased horse to slaughter, we knew that their laws state NO one can move these animals and that aged horses have to be euthanized and that all injured animals even in transport through Illinois and many other states have to be removed from
the trailer, travel alone and have to be vetted, thats why when people photograph their trailers the killer buyers and myself carried guns, baseball bats, busted windshield out of their cars, broke camera’s or just beat the people up, because we knew one way or the other we were going to jail, and the more injured or diseased animals or even aged dying animals that we were caught with the more jail time and fines were going to add up. Not to mention we were running with no logs and going from state to state picking up animals and couldnt chance that we would get stopped running too many hours or no proof of where our loads came from.
So paranoid drivers became violent, some resorted to stealing horses to make more profit and some just hired people who did it for them, some of those people even would up with attempted murder charges when people caught them stealing their horses and would try to save the animals. ITs a dirty business, we buy a horse at auction and then tell the people who really wanted it a higher price and then we laugh when they won't pay for it. Trust me its a sad life-I saw the conditions those animals were in I dont need a antislaughter group to tell me this is stupid. Cheval employees told me they were unlikely to have 5 or 6 horses a week that actually got stunned on the first blow they did hundreds a week and only 5 or 6 would let them do it humanely-so thats a really bad thing. I was a cattleman before that-I saw cattle being butchered I never saw this type of abuse and hatred. I saw things but this appalled me so much I cant do it ever again. As for my neighbor I lost a friend, it doesnt matter I didnt know that was her horse, it will never be repaired, I cant go back and unload him for her-I destroyed her life, I know that.

I have done things I wish I had never done, I have done things I wish I never knew. Those slaughter people they just get crazy over time and you hear them talk about how they would like to cut people up and do weird things-but until you have been in the plant you cant understand why they are getting so whacked out. Trust me this is not a subject that pro slaughter people will understand until they expirience it. The smell-could never get it out of my nose, seeing all the rotting horses lying dead-the USDA said we cannot stand for this and wham the govenment closed it all down, thank God, now it has to happen again, Permanent. The smell never leaves you. The USDA has tons of information about the trade and none of it is good because it wasnt good. I may be an old man, but I am not a stupid old man-I know whats good for America and its horses and slaughter houses are NOT it.

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