Monday, April 7, 2008

Pardner's Training

Pardner's training took an unexpected turn and I rarely had a chance to see him nor could I get in touch with the trainer. When I did speak with him he was elusive at best. I finally had to call his wife at work, when he did call I told him my horse was to be home that day or their would be consequences.
The trainer, Joestes Wyatt, brought my horse home that afternoon. Let me say I allowed a well fed, sleek, beautiful horse go to this trainer, what came back was an emaciated, frightened shell of a horse. I will never allow any horse to leave this property unless I am along to supervise their care, never.

It is now April and Pardner is 'lookin' good'!

Please, if you care for your horses, do not use Joestes Wyatt, known as The Horse Teacher.

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