Saturday, October 27, 2007

Jumpin' Jack Flash

The same day I found out about Chili's heart murmurs I decided that he and I should go ahead and pick up a little one-eyed Arabian/QH cross colt that I had looked at previously.

Jerry James who is now named Jumpin' Jack Flash is a pretty little sorrel colt who lost an eye when his mother rejected him. She was really too young to have a baby and didn't know how to care for Jack. He became an orphan and was cared for by Habitat For Horses. The lady that was fostering him really liked him but didn't know alot about babies and she was a little afraid of him, so I agreed to foster him and now I am going to adopt him.
He's a sweet little baby that only wants love and attention. He has Rohan as his nanny and seems to be adjusting to everything quite well.

Jumpin' Jack Flash is a gas, gas, gas!

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